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Spin Magnetics has been providing electronic components and electronic assemblies to customers since 1968. Our design staff provides expertise and flexibility to meet your special physical and electrical requirements. Our company prides itself on providing quick turnaround on custom components at competitive prices. Our Quality System complies with ISO 9002 and AS9000. Our customers include companies in the following industries:


Whether it’s in the air or on the ground, Spin Magnetics has components that are incorporated in instrumentation and equipment which meets and exceeds the most stringent requirements of the aviation industry. Our customers supply ground equipment, runway lighting and other ground infrastructure equipment which is installed at many of the world’s airports. Commercial, business and military aircraft contain our components which have been incorporated into cockpit instrumentation, internal and external lighting systems, auxiliary power equipment and fuel management systems. Our registration to the AS9100 quality standard further illustrates our commitment to this important market segment.


Since our inception in 1968, Spin Magnetics has been supplying coils, inductors and transformers to many of the world’s best-known microphone, amplifier and speaker manufactures. Our components are used in such diverse markets as computer wireless styluses, animal control and identification devices, termite control and monitoring systems, personal protection devices and outdoor recreational vehicles.

Clean Energy

As the desire for environmentally friendly alternative energy solutions has evolved, firms have turned to Spin Magnetics to provide critical components for the power conversion equipment being designed and manufactured for electric vehicles, gas turbine engines, solar power generators and wind power generators. Our design engineers have assisted in the design and manufacture of transformers, inductors and stators in these evolving industries.


As a supplier of key components in the munitions business, our components are required to perform to Mil Spec requirements including extreme environmental test conditions. The integrity of our components is confirmed again and again in actual battlefield conditions. When critical components are required in life support systems, our customers know they can trust M.C Davis Company to deliver dependable components on time. Whether it’s rolling over ground, sailing the seas or deep under water, our components are designed and manufactured to perform under all extreme conditions.


Each piece of equipment requires at least one transformer, whether it is standard, toroidal, current sense, or wall plug-in. Spin Magnetics’ products are most commonly used in industrial computers, automation controls, meters and gauges. Our magnetics are also be found in secondary systems, such as facility lighting systems’ electronic ballasts. Our products are not only used in the manufacturing of industrial goods, but in the goods themselves. From computers to appliances, any consumer good that uses electricity requires magnetics.


Our magnetic designs are incorporated into hearing aids, dental devices, MRI scanning systems, and many other medical devices. Cancer research and diagnostic equipment contain our transformers and our inductors are used in laser treatment and chiropractic instruments. The sports medicine industry trusts our inductive coils for the healing of injuries incurred by professional and amateur athletes alike. All of our magnetic components are designed to meet the various UL requirements for medical equipment.


Spin Magnetics’s components are found in scales and precision measurement gauges and equipment of all sizes that are used in both commercial and industrial applications. Many material handling applications contain our magnetic devices assisting in the routing of boxes, bins and luggage to their correct locations. Spin Magnetics transducers and sensors are used in industrial test equipment, surge protection devices, network analyzers as well as a wide variety of power supplies.

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